Dr. Molad is a global business executive and lecturer with over 20 years’ experience in leading mission critical change efforts. She has a proven track record in successfully initiating industry-wide global change. She is also a distinguished recipient of numerous awards and commendations and sought after international speaker and trainer.

Dr. Molad started her career as a pioneer in the field of e-Learning in 1980. She worked for Control Data Corporation developing the first computer-based-training curriculum for training geophysicists for a consortium of the world’s largest seven petroleum companies. From there she led a start-up company that was the first to work with Texas Instruments on developing consumer software for home computers in the early eighties. She proceeded to pioneer many similar efforts throughout her accomplished career.

Dr. Molad led many consulting projects in the areas of e-Business before and after she has completed her PhD in Global Business Management with an emphasis on global e-Business initiatives in 1996. She helped companies such as Cable & Wireless conduct develop strategic plans focusing on e-Business trends and needs in order for them to diversify into offering e-commerce products and services.

Between 1996 and 2001, she conducted numerous workshops to entrepreneurs, government officials, and industry leaders around the world on the impact of the Internet on global commerce, specifically as it pertains to business-to-business transactions. She worked in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Israel, Great Britain, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, Austria, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Russia, Japan, Singapore, and Australia educating businesses on the need to embrace Internet technologies as catalysts for industrial change.

Dr. Molad was recognized in the early 90′s as an authority in forming industry consensus for data exchange standards and helped launch key initiatives in the oil & gas industry, the construction and engineering industry and the building industry. For example, she initiated the establishment of the first Web-based data center for the American Petroleum Institute used for the development of electronic catalogs of engineering commodities bought and sold in the petroleum and chemical industries. She also created the first Process Industry’s e-Commerce Consortium to develop product data exchange standards. She was chosen to represent the US Construction Industry in the UN Trade Facilitation and Data Standardization Task Force as a result of her founding the National e-Business Action Group for the US Construction Industry Institute, where she served as Board Member, Chairperson of Promotion/Education Subcommittee, and National Delegate.

She was twice a recipient of the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship of the US State Department. For her Fulbright mission, Dr. Molad was sent to the Balkans, where she provided advising and lecturing to regional universities on the use of e-learning technologies and e-Business. During this time, she served as a USAID advisor on major e-business initiatives in South Eastern Europe on consulted USAID on making key economic investments.

Dr. Molad has worked as an adjunct professor at several academic institutions, among them The University of Houston, The University of Texas and Hult Business School in the US, EDHEC in France and American College in Macedonia teaching courses in the graduate and doctoral programs.

Dr. Molad is also well known for her ongoing efforts to improve the number of women working in the technology field. She authored the book, Women Weaving Webs: Will Women Rule the Internet?, which was based on her 2 year research project on the need for women to embrace the Internet in order to enhance their overall standing in society and industry alike. She founded TECHNITUDE, an annual event created to encourage over 250 young girls to pursue technology careers. She helped establish the Association of Women in Computing annual award for top 25 women in technology and won the award in 1999.